St. John's Medical Centre

High Street, Walsall Wood, Walsall, WS9 9LP

Practice Staff

The Doctors/Partners

(This is not a limited partnership)

Dr. Andrew Askey (Male)
M.B., B.S. 1985 London
MSc (Health Sciences-Diabetes) 2010
Joined the practice in 1991
Specialises in Diabetes and joint injections.
Lead GP for Walsall for Diabetes.

Dr. Rashmi Chauhan (Female)
M.B., B.S. 1986 India M.R.C.G.P. 2004
Joined the practice 1999
Specialises in Minor Surgery, including joint injections, Coronary Heart Disease,
Child Health and is a GP Trainer

Dr Ajaya Ghosh (Male)
M.B.,B.S. 1997 India
M.D.Respiratory medicine 2001
DNB. 2002
M.R.C.G.P. 2008
D.R.C.O.G. 2007
Joined the practice 2010
Specialises in respiratory medicine, including Asthma and COPD, joint injections, anticoagulation.
And is a GP Trainer.
Specialist interest GPSI for Substance Misuse for Walsall.

Dr. Michaela Rowan (Female)
M.B. Ch.B. 2006 Birmingham
Joined the practice 2012
Specialises in Palliative Care and pain management.

Dr. Ammar Hashmi (Male)
M.B. Ch.B. 2010 Birmingham
M.R.C.G.P 2015
Joined the practice 2014
Specialises in Diabetes, Mentoring GP Registrars and Teaching Medical Students

G.P. Registrar

Dr.  Anca Stoica  (Female)

G.P. Registrar

Dr. Joan l’anziva  (Female)

G.P. FY2

G.P. Locum

Dr. Radika Mistry (Female)

Dr. India Ramaiha (Female)

The Primary Health Care Team

Practice Manager

Angela Timms MA AImgt CMD

Advanced Nurse Practioner

Katy Parnham

Practice Nurses

Sr. Amanda Petty, RGN
Senior Practice Nurse
Lead Nurse for Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease and COPD
Lead Nurse for Cervical Cytology, Asthma

Sr. Nicki Kelsey, RGN
Lead Nurse for Rheumatology

Sr. Lisa (Elizabeth) Clewer, RGN

Health Care Assistant/Phlebotomist

Michelle Wilson

Marie Mosedale

Reception Manager – Sue Bentley

Can deal with any concerns regarding your non- clinical care.

Reception Staff

Sue, Anita,  Deborah,  Pamela, Carol, Nicola, Helen, Salma, Jaime, Sarah,  Jo,  Chris & Dawn.
Our reception staff are trained to deal with your needs. They can make appointments (including requests for home visits) and tell you the results of tests when the doctor has seen and approved them.


Anita  Carol Nicola Helen Salma Sarah  and Jo Can deal with any queries regarding your repeat prescriptions.

Medical Secretaries

Cheryl and Lisa
Can deal with any queries regarding referrals to specialists and medical reports.

Chronic Disease Administration – Sue and Deborah

are also able to deal with any enquiries regarding letters received, and/or appointments in our chronic disease clinics, i.e. diabetes, heart, stroke, asthma clinics.

New Patient Registration/Medical Record Summarising/ Reception Team

is also able to deal with any enquiries regarding registration, summarisation of medical records and enquiries post hospital discharge for patients aged over 75 years, or on our at risk register for hospital admission.