St. John's Medical Centre

High Street, Walsall Wood, Walsall, WS9 9LP

Minor eye problems

Local Opticians are now offering a Minor Eye Conditions Service, If you have a recent eye problem such as – Sore eyes, Red eyes, Dry eyes, irritation or inflammation of the eye, recently occurring flashes or floaters, ingrowing eyelashes, sudden loss of vision or foreign body in the eye,  You can now make an appointment with a local optician. Please ring the optician first to make an appointment with them, if the optician you ring cannot make you an appointment they should be able to give you a number of an optician that can help you. Some of the Participating Opticians tel numbers are below:-

  1. Boots Opticians Brownhills     01543 372696
  2. Boots Opticians Bloxwich        01922 475388
  3. Martin Wheeler Pelsall            01922 683080
  4. P&J Hamer         Aldridge        01922 455664
  5. Specsavers          Brownhills    01543 363790
  6. Specsavers          Bloxwich      01922 400366
  7. Specsavers          Walsall         01922 633390
  8. Scrivens Opticians Aldridge     01922 452305